Twenty-eight years old, born and bred in Ljubljana and I’ve lived in Slovenia all of my life. I’ve had an interest in languages since I was a child but it never really grew into a passion that I would dedicate myself to fully. I have a degree in translation from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana where I studied English and German. As for hobbies there are too many to list but let’s point out hiking as a constant in my life. You can’t live in Slovenia and not visit the mountains every now and then. 🙂 With regard to languages I’d say I’m fluent in the true sense of the word only in English and Slovene but I know a couple of other languages to a greater or lesser degree.

One of the things I find fascinating is pedagogy. Drawing the student’s attention, seeing what makes him or her tick and finding just the right words and images to transfer a new thought or idea to his or her mind it’s magic! You can’t wrap your head around a certain concept and you hopelessly fail to understand it again and again … And then someone comes along that casually puts it all into one clear and concise sentence. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve always enjoyed the process of explaining things and I often think about the best possible way of putting something across. I find this very interesting and it’s sort of a game I play with myself. For several years I’ve been working with children aged 7-16 and I’ve recently started tutoring Slovene via skype as well. This has been very fulfilling and interesting and I’ve really been enjoying it. Viewing my language anew through the eyes of a non-native speaker is in itself a new and interesting experience.

However when I began tutoring Slovene I was simply amazed to find out how few resources there are for learning Slovene online. I just couldn’t believe it. I thought about this for some time before I finally decided that I’d do something about it myself. YouTube seemed like the best option for videos and the webpage was intended to provide all the remaining information.  It took me about forty days to piece everything together. Considering this is mostly a one-man band I’m pretty satisfied with how things turned out.

I’ll do my best to constantly keep improving. Hopefully this will prove to be a useful resource for anyone that would like to get to know Slovene. I want you to enjoy the process of learning as much as possible and I want to really make it a comfortable experience. It’s all about feeling comfortable really.

I’d appreciate your feedback, so feel free to send me an e-mail at any time.

Good luck on your journey and may you achieve your goals!

 – Bojan