The lessons take place via skype. All you need is a microphone and an internet connection. I share my screen with you and explain things much like a teacher would with the help of a blackboard. It’s that simple. At the end of the lesson you’re given homework and we then go through it at the beginning of the next session. I’m also always available for questions by e-mail.

The standard price for a regular 60-minute lesson is €20, but the price varies since it depends on several factors such as the length of the session, the frequency of the lessons and the material covered. For all other information send me an e-mail at info@abcslovene.com.


Besides taking care of the youtube channel and this webpage I also offer one-on-one tutoring. The advantage of tutoring and the main reason I’d recommend it to someone is basically just flexibility. That’s the main thing that sets it apart from say learning Slovene exclusively from a youtube channel or something similar.

When teaching a group of people you’re really trying to cater to an imaginary average student since everyone’s skill level is different and even more importantly everyone has their own reasons for learning a language. It’s the same with making youtube videos. If a lesson is too long or complicated you risk making it unappealing to anyone that simply wants to quickly learn the basics. If you only have the beginner in mind when making videos you’re again making lessons that are suboptimal for the more eager student. Your goal basically becomes trying to always find the golden mean which is far from easy.

When teaching a single person the situation is completely different. The lessons are tailored to the student and the teacher has time to get to better know the student and really adjust to his or her personality traits. The student on his or her part also has the opportunity to actively participate in the process and help guide it by pointing out things or methods that draw his or her attention the most etc. In my mind this is pretty much the point of any coaching or tutoring.